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The time has finally come.  The distant shores of Caledonia are calling you home, possibly for the first time or perhaps for a return visit.  This page is a collaborative effort of Camerons and Scots worldwide, listing "Cameron" sites of interest, general Scottish sites, "where to stay" and also tips for your visit.  To submit information for consideration please E-mail Clan Cameron Online - we are always looking for suggestions!

Please note: Some of the following opinions have been gathered from Scots across the Internet and do not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the Clan Cameron Association.  We heartily thank all of those who have contributed content!


ACHNACARRY:  The hereditary home of the Camerons of Lochiel and also the home to the Clan Cameron Museum is a "must see" in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands.  If you are anywhere near Fort William then Achnacarry should be a "must see" on your itinerary.  Please note: If you are interested in visiting with Lochiel while at Achnacarry, you must write in advance.

ARBROATH ABBEY: The site where a Cameron signed the Scottish "Declaration of Independence," the Declaration of Arbroath on April 6, 1320.  You can stand on the very spot where it was signed; a very moving experience!

BANNOCKBURN: The men of Clan Cameron took the field at Bannockburn in support of King Robert the Bruce against the forces of King Edward II of England.  "You have bled with Wallace, now bleed with me!"

BANQUO'S WALK: A level path or road lined with beech trees leading North from Torcastle.  Said to be a favorite walk of Banquo and frequented by his ghost.  See: Torcastle for additional information as to how you can locate this point of interest.

BEN NEVIS: The largest mountain in Great Britain.  It is said that the Camerons of Lochiel will remain in Lochaber as long as there is snow upon Ben Nevis.  Set aside the time to hike the "Tourist Trail" to the summit - you won't be disappointed!

CAIG FALLS: Near Achnacarry and the north shore of Loch Arkaig, on the Dark Mile.  This waterfall, where legend tells us a Cameron witch was chased to her death by clansmen, was used in the motion picture "Rob Roy," in the memorable scene where Rob Roy rappels to his freedom from Red Coats by means of the very noose intended to hang him! 

COMMANDO MONUMENT: Located near Stronaba, where the Gairlochy - Inverness - Fort William roads join stands this monument honoring the thousands of British Commandos, American Rangers and other elite Allied soldiers who trained at Achnacarry During World War II.  Visit the monument which was raised in their honor.

CULLODEN: The battlefield where Bonnie Prince Charlie suffered his final defeat in the Jacobite Rebellion and where hundreds of Camerons perished in battle.  Visit the field, museum and most definitely the Clan Cameron marker stone.  Make sure you bring some flowers to leave at the Cameron stone; red and yellow are the customary colors.

FORT WILLIAM: Come and pay your respects to what remains of the original Hanoverian fort, the much despised English "presence" in Cameron Country.  Your Cameron ancestors would be very glad to see it gone!  After visiting the old fort (not that there's much left) enjoy the capital of the West Highlands, the scenic town of Fort William.

GLENFINNAN: Along the shore of Loch Shiel, where about 850 Camerons answered Bonnie Prince Charlie's call and joined the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745.  Some say that you can still hear the ghostly echo of the Cameron piper leading the men over the mountains.  This is also the location where the fictional "Hogwarts," the school of magic which Harry Potter attend, is situation in motion pictures.

GLEN NEVIS: The beautiful glen where the early village scenes of the motion picture Braveheart were filmed.  Enjoy the scenery, but please refrain from crying "FREEDOM," as you might startle the other tourists!  Seek out the tourism brochures which will point you toward the old Cameron graveyards, historic boulders and countless scenic trails.  The Forest Trail will reward your 10-15 minute uphill stroll with a beautiful scenic background for photos.

SPEAN BRIDGE: Looking for a place to grab a quick meal, or stock up before heading across the Great Glen to visit Achnacarry?  Perhaps parking in Fort William, and fighting the crowds isn't your cup of tea.  The answer may be Spean Bridge, where tartan and souvenirs may be found in abundance.  Remember, if you're heading to Achnacarry via the A-82, this is your last chance to make general purchases.

TOR CASTLE: Residence of the Camerons of Lochiel from 1528-1650, now in ruins.  The place where Donald "The Taillear Dubh" Cameron and his men dispatched a goodly number of the Camerons of Erracht, who were conspiring with Clan Mackintosh against the Camerons.  You'll have to leave the B8004 and pass south-east under the Caledonian Canal through the culvert at the Sheangain Burn near Muirshirlich.  The best of luck to you in finding this hidden gem - our best advice: ask a local resident for assistance, or purchase a very detailed map!



CLACH-NA-CUDDAIN: At the base of the old market cross in Inverness, where three of their four major streets met, was a great "blue lozenge" of stone, half buried in the ground.  On this Highlanders hammered out the price of meal, the interpretation of law and the genealogies of their families.  The Clach-na-cuddain is still in Inverness - take the time to seek it out and pose for a great photo op!

EDINBURGH CASTLE: Go during the first three weeks of August and see the Tattoo, which is always a wonderful event.  While you're there take note of the cliffs leading up to the castle...did Camerons actually attempt to scale them during the Jacobite Rebellion? You decide!

LOCH NESS: Is she "down there?"  Curiosity takes practically each and every first time visitor to the Highlands and Loch Ness to find out.  Regardless of what the tourist books may tell you, make it a priority to purchase some Nessie souvenirs, they make wonderful gifts for those back home.

PITLOCHRY: Reputed to be the best tourist shopping in Scotland - kilts, woolens, "all the Scottish stuff we want to bring home with us but can't seem to find in Edinburgh at decent prices."

SKYE: (Comments received via e-mail, from one of our members:)  "Go over the sea to Skye, even if you have to drive over a bridge to get there!  One of my most vivid memories is of driving along a lonely road, with the Cuillins looming ahead of us, listening to a radio station play Gaelic songs.  All of their commentary was also in Gaelic. I thought I died and went to heaven!  People always say Skye is one of the most mysterious places on earth, and I think it's true.  It's indescribable, it must be experienced!"