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Cameron Immigration Records, 1730-1920
  • Lists Cameron immigrants to North America by name, age, destination and date of arrival, along with the ship name, when known
  • Entries are referenced to their origin, which directs the researcher to the information's source
  • When known, miscellaneous information such as occupation, nationality (we weren't all just from Scotland) and original residence
  • Referenced to the Cameron Ship Listings File
Cameron Ship Listings
  • Lists Cameron immigrants, along with their family, by name, under the head of the household or oldest family member
  • Ship name, port of departure and port of arrival
  • Age of passengers is listed
  • Confusing multiple variant ship names are cross-referenced to the correct ship
  • Referenced to the Cameron Immigration Records
Reference Sources (for all Cameron reference files)
  • This is the source information listed in the Cameron Immigration Records
Cameron Links to MacPhees
  • Study compiled by David Morgan examining Cameron-MacPhee marriages and births, in Lochaber, from 1802 to 1875
Ask a Clan Cameron Genealogist
  • Alistair Cameron, Clan Cameron Online's professional genealogist (AAGRA)
  • Specializes in Scottish research
  • Past President of Clan Cameron New South Wales