If your name is Cameron, and you live in the United States, then you are a Scottish-American. Even though Canadians may also be called "Americans," they usually call themselves Scottish-Canadians.

The name "Cameron" is almost always Scottish (some people's grandparents and great grandparents "adopted" the name a long time ago and may not really be Camerons). As for being American, if you live in the U.S. or Canada you are an American (but you knew that!)

Many Scottish-Americans and Scottish-Canadians like to remember their Scottish ancestors by going to what are called Highland Games, which are held every year just about everywhere. If you haven't been to a Highland Games before you're missing some great fun. At these games "Scots" meet each other and become friends. Many of them wear kilts and the sounds of bagpipes is everywhere. The great thing about bagpipes is that the more you hear them, the more you like them. Sometimes you can find Scottish food for sale, interesting books and maybe, just maybe, your own clan; Clan Cameron sets up a tent at many Highland Games during the year. You will see that being a Scottish-American or Scottish-Canadian is great fun!

While it is important to remember that you are of Scottish ancestry, you should be most proud of being either from the U.S. or Canada. While it is great to remember your Scottish ancestors, remember also that you are an American, and not Scottish. Only persons living in Scotland now are really Scottish, most of us only have what is called "Scottish blood."

It's not as gross as you think, Scottish blood just means that deep inside you are Scottish. You may also be other nationalities, but if your last name is Cameron many people you meet will think of you as having Scottish blood. The secret to being a true Scottish-American or Scottish-Canadian is learning about your Scottish blood; the more you learn, the more Scottish you can feel!

Many Scottish-Americans/Canadians have no idea that they have any Scottish blood and that's very sad. It is important for everyone to know where their ancestors came from, because it is a very big part of themselves. There are many other nationalities in the world which are special in their own ways, but for you being a Scottish is special.

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