Greetings Cameron Parents,

Cameron Kids Online "came to life" from the quite valid concerns of many Cameron parents that the traditions and heritage behind our name are not readily presented in this day and age. What we have tried to do is make the introduction to "what it means to be a Cameron," along with "what it means to be Scottish," easy to comprehend to pre-teen students. We are going to attempt to present the material in its basic components, without what might be called "negative comments." You'll never find specific references to "rival clans," massive battles or political conflicts; rather, we are attempting to "reach" young Camerons with material which will hopefully interest them and instill them with a "wee bit" of pride. Cameron parents have been consulted for material and so have Cameron children, you'll find the results at Cameron Kids Online. Please, take the time to look over this site (to assure yourself of it's content), and if you haven't already, drop-in at our "parent" site (Clan Cameron Online) and join our association. After all, your voice is your children's voice, let us know what questions your children are asking you.