ACHNACARRY: Hereditary home to the chiefs of Clan Cameron for the last few hundred years. Current residence of the 27th Chief of Clan Cameron, Donald Cameron of Lochiel.

AONAIBH RI CHEILE: The motto of Clan Cameron, printed on the Cameron crest, which means "Let Us Unite."  This motto has been in use since about 1745.

CHIEF: The head, or leader of a Scottish clan. The Chief of Clan Cameron is traditionally called "Lochiel."

CLAN: Basically, a large, "extended" family, with the clan chief acting as a father figure.

ERRACHT: A cadet branch of Clan Cameron, known for its military bravery.

GAELIC: The "native" language of the Scottish Highlands. Still spoken by some Scots.

HIGHLANDS: The northern, mountain region of Scotland. Original home to a great many Scottish clans.

KILT: A knee-length tartan covering, usually made of wool, traditionally worn by men in the Scottish Highlands.

KNIGHT OF THE THISTLE: The title given to Scottish Knights for the last few hundred years.

LOCH: A Scottish lake.

LOCHABER: An area in Scotland about 12 by 16 miles in size, near the town of Fort William, where the Cameron Clan has lived for centuries. Also sometimes known as "Cameron Country." Location of Achnacarry, home of Lochiel.

LOCH EIL: The name of a Scottish loch in Lochaber; NOT the correct name for the Chief of Clan Cameron.

LOCHIEL: The name traditionally given to the Chief of Clan Cameron. There have been 27 chiefs of Clan Cameron.  The current Chief is Donald Cameron of Lochiel, who lives at Achnacarry, home to the Camerons of Lochiel.

PLAID: The fabric into which a tartan pattern is woven; usually made of wool.

SCOT: A name used for Scottish people: "Angus was a proud Scot."

SCOTLAND: The country north of England, now a member of the "United Kingdom." Home to the Cameron Clan.

SCOTTISH: Someone living in, or a citizen of Scotland.

SEPT: An affiliated family which is "allied" with a Scottish clan. Clan Cameron has many septs!

TARTAN: The pattern used on "Scottish" clothes and kilts. Also (incorrectly) called "plaid" in North America. Clan Cameron has four major tartans.

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