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The Cameron Clansmen's Oak Wood

The Clan Cameron Association has received approval from Donald Cameron of Lochiel, XXVII Chief of Clan Cameron, to plant an oak wood, dedicated to the memory of Cameron Clansmen from yesteryear and today, on a plot of land at Achnacarry.

Lochiel writes: "I am delighted that the idea of planting commemorative oak trees near Achnacarry has become a reality.  The site chosen is ideal and the oak trees will, I am sure, flourish and stand proud as a symbol of Clan Strength.  They will be admired and cherished for many years to come and the Lochiel Family are very grateful to all those involved in this magnificent gift."

This premier location is situated on a knoll just inside the gates of Achnacarry.  Visitors will be able to walk amongst a beautiful wood of oaks (which are the ancient plant badge associated with the Clan Cameron) and take a great measure of pride in this eco-minded initiative.

In August 1745 hundreds of proud Cameron Clansmen mustered near the land on which the oak wood is to be planted.  They marched with their Captain - Donald "The Gentle Lochiel" Cameron, XIX Chief - to Glenfinnan.  There they joined Prince Charles Edward Stuart ("Bonnie Prince Charlie") at the Raising of the Royal Standard, signifying the beginning of the 1745 Jacobite Rising.  As such, in addition to being dedicated to the specific ancestors of those donating toward this initiative, the oak wood is also dedicated to the proud, loyal and fierce Lochaber men that fought for Clan Cameron - the famed "Sons of the Hound."

As is tradition, clansfolk bear gifts for their chief whenever a clan gathers.  Lochiel has agreed to accept this unified gesture from the international members of Clan Cameron (regardless of whether they are registered members of the Clan Cameron Association) in lieu of any other gifts that would have been customarily presented at the 2009 Gathering.  The oak wood will be planted (work begins in March 2009) in the months leading up to the International Gathering (30th July - 2nd August), but will be officially dedicated at a ceremony by Bishop Douglas Cameron at Noon on August 1, 2009.  

The various branches of the Clan Cameron Association and anyone descended from Camerons, the Clan's Founding Families, Cadet Branches, Septs, or Friends of the Clan Cameron are invited to support this initiative.  Donations are being accepted via the Internet and will result in a beautiful wood that will stand tall and true, like those proud clansfolk of yesteryear.  Donate today to plant a Cameron Oak for tomorrow.

Make a Donation

Donations for the Cameron Clansmen's Oak Wood are being accepted via the Internet.  From the link below, to the Scotland Branch website, you will also be able to make a dedication by completing the form posted.  Please note that a donation does not signify any ownership of either land or a specific tree.  There are significant project costs (ground preparation, labour, tree guards, maintenance...) other than purchasing trees, and all funds will go into a general project collection.


A portion of the future Cameron Clansmen's Oak Wood,
located on the left (south) side of the Achnacarry access road, just inside the main gates to the Lochiel Estate

The general location of the future Cameron Clansmen's Oak Wood,
located on the left (south) side of the Achnacarry access road, just inside the main gates to the Lochiel Estate