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What is the
Clan Cameron Association?

Cameron of Lochiel's Own Website

An association of Camerons?  For over one hundred years Camerons, individuals of Cameron ancestry and those hailing from the many sept families of Clan Cameron have united together in this unique social association.

Just what types of individuals join the Clan Cameron Association?  Primarily those interested in either their genealogy or those seeking out the significance of their surname.  These people come from all walks of life, and have many varied interests, yet they share one common thread: an overwhelming desire to associate with their Scots descended kinsfolk.

The association welcomes those dressed in their regular street clothes and also those decked out in their own Cameron kilts.  Many Camerons have never had contact with a branch of the Association and have little idea of the proud Cameron heritage.  Members of the Clan Cameron Association embrace this heritage and celebrate it in their lives.  

Most Association members only come together a handful of times each year, at a myriad of events such as Scottish Highland games, festivals, picnics and banquets.  It cannot be stressed enough that the Clan Cameron Association is not simply a small group of individuals "stuck in the past."  One of the Association's primary goals worldwide is to find a place for Cameron culture in both the present and future.  Whether by reveling in the music of Scotland, preserving the writings and lore of Cameron forefathers, or celebrating Scottish heritage, Camerons are actively making a difference for the future.

By simply by visiting this website you have expressed at the very least a "glimmer" of interest in your heritage - why not take the next step and join the Association?  If you have any doubts about doing so you might consider reaching out to a fellow Cameron on the website and asking he or she to share their experiences.  You'll find that many of your kinsfolk here on the Net share that same burning curiosity regarding their heritage - which of course is what the Association is really all about...

Now, before exploring our website you might wish to begin with "the basics."  We have designed a page to answer many of your initial questions regarding Cameron heritage.  Why not take a look and see what you might discover in just a few minutes?