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The Battle of Mulroy

August 4, 1688

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During the chiefship of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, XVII Captain and Chief of Clan Cameron a number of his clansmen became involved in the ancient feud between Macintoshs and the MacDonalds of Keppoch.  As was the feud between the Camerons and Macintoshes, this conflict dealt with issues of land superiority.  The MacDonalds of Keppoch had occupied their lands for generations, now MacKintosh decided to settle the dispute once and for all.  He obtaining letters of fire and sword from the Privy Council, which also sent a company of troops under Captain Mackenzie of Suddie to assist.  The forces met on a height by the name of Mulroy, near the village of Roy Bridge, in the Braes of Lochaber.

The Camerons and Macintoshes had at long last put their ancient feud to rest and Sir Ewen was responsible for "keeping the peace" between his men and their former enemies.  Regardless of the aforementioned peace, while Sir Ewen was away in London the MacDonalds called upon their neighbors and friends, the Camerons, for assistance in this battle.  

The combined MacDonald/Cameron forces  defeated the Macintoshes in what would become the last major "clan" battle in the Highlands.  Unfortunately, as a result of the Cameron involvement in this battle a warrant was issued for Sir Ewen's arrest.  As had been the case in the past, this warrant proved ineffective, with Sir Ewen shortly after returning to the safety of his own clan in Lochaber.