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The Battle of Achintore

Circa 1654

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Soon after the battle of Achdalieu Ewen Cameron, XVII Captain and Chief of Clan Cameron, returned to join the forces of General Middleton, requesting those of his people who lived near the Cromwellian garrison of Inverlochy to "make their peace" with the Governor, who demanded no other terms than that they should live peaceably towards himself and his garrison.  This was soon arranged and the Cameron people were secured from ruin during their leader's absence from the district.

The Governor, being thus put "off guard," sent parties once again to bring in wood and other materials to strengthen his fortifications - materials belonging to the Camerons, if not Ewen himself.  Being kept well informed of what was occurring at Inverlochy the young Chief of Clan Cameron returned to the district and immediately placed a body of his most resolute followers in a secure place, less than one-half mile westward of the fort.  

That same morning a body of two hundred men came out from the garrison, marching in Ewen's direction.  Observing them, he detached twenty of his men to a secret place, to the rear of the enemy - between them and the garrison - with orders to rush out and intercept them in case they retreated, as they naturally would when attacked in front by the Camerons.  The Cromwellian party marched in "good order" until they arrived at the village of Achintore, where Ewen and his band lay concealed.  The Camerons furiously rushed forward, scattering their enemies in all directions.  

The memory of the battle of Achdalieu struck fear into their hearts, when they found themselves so suddenly and unexpectedly attacked by a force of strength of which they did not know and could not ascertain.  The men in ambush rushed forth to intercept them in their flight, giving the Cromwellians a full charge of their firelocks in front and then charged with their broadswords, killing more than half their number.  Those who escaped were pursued to the walls of the fort, but many of them were taken prisoner and distributed among such of the Camerons as lived a good distance from the garrison.  One is only left to imagine their fate.