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The Second Raid of Moyness/
Battle of the Braes of Strathdearn

October 1645

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It is thought that Allan Cameron, XVI Captain and Chief of Clan Cameron had little to do with this raid/battle, since he was in his eighty-third year of age and was reportedly in Argyll at the time it occurred.  The raid itself consisted of Cameron men lifting a large number of cattle from the Grant lands of Moyness in Morayshire.

Forty-seven years in the past they had raided these same lands ("The First Raid of Moyness") when they were under control of the Dunbars.  During the 1645 raid the Grants gave chase, catching the Camerons in the Braes of Strathdearn, where the Cameron men were defeated and many clansmen slain.  As of October 18th, as reported in a letter from Allan to James Grant, there were "eight dead already and I have twelve or thirteen under cure, which I know not who shall die or who shall live of the same."  As related by Allan, his men did not realize that the lands of Moyness were under Grant control and that if they had, then they would not have conducted the raid.