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The Battle of Corrichie

October 28, 1562

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Donald Cameron, XV Captain and Chief of Clan Cameron led the men of Clan Cameron onto the field in support of Mary Queen of Scots against her first cousin, George, the 4th Earl of Huntly at the Battle of Corrichie (Corrichy), which was fought in the autumn of 1562.  Corrichie, a long flat hill from fifteen to eighteen miles west of Aberdeen, was where Huntly's forces met the Queen's.  The Earl's army, which had diminished in size, due to many factors, was easily defeated.  Huntly was found dead on the field, reportedly smothered in his armor.

As a result of Donald's loyalty to the Royal cause in this victory, the Cameron lands which had been forfeited with those of Huntly (who was Donald's superior) were restored.