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Forces led by Donald Balloch, cousin of Alexander, Lord of the Isles, rose to avenge Alexander's imprisonment by King James I.  A Royalist army, led by the Earls of Mar and Caithness, which included Clan Cameron, was sent to "quell" him at Inverlochy; the Royalists were defeated.  The king's force was camped between the river and Tom na h-Aire just south-west of the old Inverlochy Castle.  MacDonald bowmen fired down on the field and also led a simultaneous charge from the south.  Over 1000 men were killed, including the Earl of Caithness, and the king's army was routed, fleeing south.  

After this impressive victory Donald Balloch turned his attention toward Clan Cameron and Clan Chattan, ravaging their country, putting it to fire and sword.  Soon King James led an army into the Highlands and the rebel forces disintegrated.  Six years later King James I was murdered, after which Alexander, Lord of the Isles was "liberated" from his imprisonment.  He lost no time in taking vengeance on the Camerons.  As a result, Donald Dubh, XI Captain and Chief of Clan Cameron, was forced to take exile in Ireland. (An alternate version of the Battle of 1429 of Inverness states that it was not Donald Dubh, but the Chief of the MacMartins who sought exile in Ireland).