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On this day which is traditionally reserved for Christian worship, an incident took place in Lochaber that lives on in infamy.  The Clan Chattan Confederation, including the Clan Mackintosh, attacked the Clan Cameron, which was assembled in a church, to which they set fire "and nearly destroyed the whole clan."  The incident probably took place between those members of Clan Cameron and Clan Chattan which separated from the Lord of the Isles, or perhaps just a portion of the clan as a whole.  This conflict, which might be referred to as "The Massacre of Palm Sunday" is not the focus of this narrative.

Many accounts make mention of a battle which was also fought on this date, between these same clans.  While it is unknown whether this action took place in the near vicinity of the church massacre, it is probable.  History relates that during the engagement most of the Mackintoshes and almost the whole tribe of Camerons were "cut to pieces."  It is unclear exactly which tribe of Clan Cameron this would have been.

This feud between the two clans seems to date back to 1336, when the rights to the lands of Glenlui and Locharkaig, in Lochaber, were contested.  Some authorities believe that these disputed lands at one time made up the official demesne of the "Old Toisech," or head of the tribe which controlled early Lochaber.