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This conflict was between forces led by Alexander, 3rd Lord of the Isles, who was in pursuance of his claim to the Earldom of Ross and the Royalist army of King James I.  There are two theories as to the involvement of Clan Cameron in this battle.

The current theory is that Donald Dubh, XI Captain and Chief of Clan Cameron, rose in support of the Lord of the Isles, and that Cameron clansmen joined a "large force" (recorded as being 10,000 men) in sacking the town of Inverness and surrounding crown lands.  On the return of their army to Lochaber they were intercepted by King James I with his large army.  Donald Dubh, finding himself opposed to his Sovereign, led his men in deserting the Lord of the Isles and joined forces with the King.  Clan Mackintosh is also said to have done likewise and the Lord of the Isles army was defeated/sued for peace, with Alexander submitting to the King and being imprisoned afterwards.

The older theory is a bit more complicated.  When the Royal forces attacked the Lord of the Isles a "portion" of two clans "went over" to the Royalists, Clan Cameron and Clan Chattan, while another "portion" adhered to him.  There is some indication that the Camerons of Lochiel adhered to the Lord of the Isles, while the MacMartin Camerons did not.  After the battle was resolved the MacMartins were "furiously" attacked and their leader was driven into exile in Ireland, while his followers sought refuge in the more mountainous parts of Cameron Country.  The MacMartins were afterwards unable to assume their former position at the head of their house and the Camerons of Lochiel, the oldest cadet branch of the family, assumed chiefship with the title of Captain.  The leader who is said to have first taken up this distinguished position was the renowned Donald Dubh, who maintained this position of preeminence by marrying the daughter and heiress of the Chieftain of the MacMartins, thereby adding the MacMartin followers to the already forming Clan Cameron.