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JULY 15/19, 1333 

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Cameron forces, led by John De Cameron, supposed VIII Captain and Chief of Clan Cameron, fought in the third division of the Scots army during this conflict just north-west of Berwick, Northumberland.

Under the command of Archibald, Lord Douglas, Scottish forces marched upon Berwick, which was under continued siege by the forces of English King Edward III.  After a persistent campaign of harrying the English throughout Northumberland, Lord Douglas and his 14,000 or so men met Edward III's three divisions on a small sloping section of ground.  The English archers continually fired upon the charging Scots spearmen, decimating their aggressive charge.  Reports after the battle cited Scots bodies strewn for five full miles; these included Lord Douglas and other notable Scottish gentlemen.

John De Cameron and a portion of his men seem to have survived this battle, continuing in the service of young King David.  In 1336 Edward III once again laid waste to these lands.  The Camerons remained loyal to the cause until Edward III shifted much of his attention and troops towards France.