Mission Statement

To Submit Content


We are calling on all parties to submit information for inclusion into the Archives.  With support and input from the Camerons of Lochiel and the Clan Cameron Museum at Achnacarry we are ensured of a great deal of content.  Regardless of their input, countless documents reside with the Camerons of the Internet.  If you have news stories, poetry, artwork or anything related to Camerons, in connection with Scotland and/or Lochaber, please consider sending a copy in for us.

Our guidelines are fairly straight forward.  The submitted material must be related to Clan Cameron, the Camerons of Lochiel, Camerons of Lochaber/Cameron Country (or related clan areas, such as Rannoch...) or major Clan Cameron Association related news items.  We are looking to preserve material of interest to all Camerons, not a specific family story, genealogy, local content (chapter/branch level) or song/story written by a Cameron, but without any connection to Camerons.  In other words, materials must have Camerons as a subject, not simply as an author.  Why are we making this effort of preservation?  Read our Mission Statement to learn the details.

We need your help to reach a very worthy goal.  By adding just 50 new items to the Archives each year (a small, easily attainable goal) we will have preserved nearly 500 documents by the end of this decade!  Please help us create this special collection - search those old books, dust off the newsletters and newspaper piles, crack open those books and copy something relevant for us!

If you would like to suggest a piece/pieces of content, feel free to e-mail Thomas Cameron to discuss your material, or simply mail a photocopy (no originals, please - photographs should be prints or clear photocopies, to ensure scanning quality) to:

Clan Cameron Online
P.O.Box 745
Plainfield, IL 60544

Aonaibh Ri Cheile - Let's reach that goal of 500 before 2010!