Mission Statement

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One of the founding principals of the Clan Cameron Association, convened over 110 years ago in Edinburgh, was "reviving, conserving and promoting the interests, associations and relations of the clan."  While Clan Cameron Online, in its role of the Association's Chartered Electronic Branch, has participated in the reviving and promotion of the clan, in addition to fostering relations of the clan via the Internet, we have been at a loss as to how to go about electronically conserving Cameron documents.

In early 2001 we commenced efforts to acquire unique, valued pieces of content - clan-related documents, namely poetry, lore, songs, correspondence, news stories, maps, artwork, photographs, transcriptions of speeches and other relevant documents.  Our initial goal, of providing fifty such documents at the time of the Clan Cameron Archives' "launch" (January 1, 2002) was met.  Due to the efforts of Camerons from many nations, the Archives have grown into a new and exciting part of Clan Cameron Online.  Content is continually being submitted for inclusion, based on certain criteria. 

By no means is this a finished project!  Our goal of building the Archives is a continuing one.  We now have the web storage space necessary for preserving hundreds, if not perhaps one thousand or more such items, to create something unique within the circles of clan associations worldwide.  

Why preserve these items and offer them via the Internet - what is our "Mission?"  In addition to concerns that paper-based documents have a limited "life," there are other important reasons for these Archives.  First and foremost, this electronic collection is being openly offered to Camerons and those interested in the Clan Cameron via the Internet.  This effort saves the casual reader and students of history from having to seek out these items, an effort that in many instances would be difficult or impossible.  For those attempting serious research, whether for a thesis or publication citing items from the Archives, the source record for these items has been listed (when known, usually in the "Editor's Notes" section at the end of each text-based item.)  Armed with this information research many be taken to the next step, whether at a myriad of libraries, institutions or in the Reading Room of the Clan Cameron Museum, where many additional unique publications await inspection.  The other reason for the existence of these Archives harkens back to the founding mission of the Clan Cameron Association, as stated above, "reviving, conserving and promoting the interests, associations and relations of the clan."  It is hoped that Camerons, those descended from Cameron ancestors and those from our many sept families will delight in the reading and viewing of this virtual collection.  Perhaps they will elect to take that interest with them into the Clan Cameron Association.  Only by making our proud heritage readily available to would-be members and enthusiasts will future generations of Camerons continue with the desire to become active participants in the Clan Cameron Association.

In short, our Mission is:

"To offer unrestricted and open access to the electronically archived records of the Clan Cameron; celebrating the past, sharing in the present and conserving for the future."