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A Virtual Tour of the 2001
Clan Cameron Gathering

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This "Virtual Tour" of the 2001 International Gathering of Clan Cameron at Achnacarry is photographic and story-oriented.  It was created in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)

Most Web-surfers are familiar with this program, and many may already have a version on their hard drive.  If not, a free Acrobat Reader is available for download.


AUGUST 2, 2001


A brief welcome to this beautiful district in Scotland's West Highlands, followed by... Seventy Camerons setting out on a 10-mile hike to ascend 4,300 feet to the summit of Scotland's highest peak - - join them and be sure to bring your raincoat, it WILL be wet!

AUGUST 3, 2001

Enter through the gates to Achnacarry and take this informative tour with over two hundred of your fellow Cameron clansfolk - - watch for those elusive red deer...

AUGUST 3, 2001

The Camerons are meeting for cocktails and conversation at the Milton Hotel - join them, meet your hosts, the Lochiel family and try a wee bit of Scotch whisky from the bar!

AUGUST 4, 2001

This is it, the main event!  Eight hundred other Camerons are also on the grounds of Achnacarry.  Take part in all the pageantry and events - it's a beautiful day in Lochaber, join in and "unite!"

AUGUST 4, 2001

Having a good time at the Gathering?  Join us as the party lasts 'til the wee hours of the night, as the Cameron entertainment and festivities continue at the Milton Hotel.

AUGUST 5, 2001

Clansfolk gather on Sunday morning for a non-denominational service at St. Ciaran's Church.  A moving sermon is delivered by Reverend David M. Anderson - "Unite" is the theme.

AUGUST 5, 2001

Camerons and Frasers compete for the honors at the Shinty Pitch, after which a venison BBQ is held for those still remaining.  A final chance to say your goodbyes to clansfolk...until next time!

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